Our story

We are Stella and Diana, two young restless women married to feminist men. We met a couple of years ago and immediately knew that we would not only support ourselves but also join efforts to empower other women worldwide.

In February 2017 we first talked about the idea of an online magazine for professional women. As working women with experience in different countries we became progressively aware of a common issue related to the lack of real gender equality. In our professional career we often sought the support of others so to overcome gender related obstacles and sometimes felt the need of a more supportive environment and more sources of information and strength. This is how we ended up with the decision of contributing somehow to this desired more supportive environment ourselves, with our online magazine and this website which is ought to become a supportive platform for women..

/ Stella Mally, a 38 years young lawyer, gender expert and entrepreneur, a proud mother of one boy.

My origins are in the industrial areas of Germany, my roots in a very small Mediterranean island; my soul is pervaded by North African culture and currently inspired by Indian vibrations; my music taste travels through the rap beats of The Bronx to Afro-Caribbean sounds, passing by African percussion, bereber singing and electronic northern turntables; I lost my heart in Italy but my beloved city is Barcelona; and in life I especially enjoy traveling and eating.

/ Diana Apakidze, a 39 years young intra and entrepreneur with experience in fintech, real estate tech, edu-tech and fashion-tech industries and social entrepreneurship, a proud mother of two girls.

My mind and heart are spread between the warm Mediterranean and the cold cold north. I grew up in Kazakhstan and Georgia, studied, lived and worked in Russia, Germany and Spain. I love sports, specially karate, which provided me great learnings that I am applying when negotiations go wrong, and music, being rock my favourite type, that helps me always being positive. I consider myself passionate and perseverant on achieving my goals, and enjoy an afternoon surrounded by friends and a hot tea.

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