Part 2. Embrace the change.

After a recent change in my role and in my life which you can read in a previous post, I am here to start or join a community of all the leaders in #growth.

Head of Growth. What is this role about? By different industries and different people it is understood and applied differently but for me and #Openprovider it’s about Product / Business Growth or Expansion in new markets. It’s about entry strategies, about scaling up strategies and about product fit to the market.

I am starting Growth Division together with ArnoVis (CEO) and our focus for the next 3 years is to enter and gain strong positioning in the 5 markets around the world (will keep it confidential which ones are those).

Openprovider is a multinational company with its seats in the Netherlands (HQ), Russia (R&D + Product), Spain (Commercial + Product & Support) and India. India we started more than a year ago as part of a Commercial project through the sales strategy and in a year we became in TOP #5 positions in the market.

Now expansion and product growth in new markets at Openprovider gained a proper focus and I happily agreed to lead it because this is what I enjoy and love: find out the ways how to enter which markets, define its strategy and find out the best product fit there.

In parallel I decided to create and join a strong community of all professionals in Growth and Expansion where we could share working and successful hacks for specific country, on how to grow exponentially and talk about failures and mistakes in order to help others avoid them.

I’ve been trying to talk with different growth gurus around the world, and one of those who responded and gave great tips and recommendations is Guillaume “𝑮” Cabane ! All the tips he gave were incredibly useful! And this is when i thought that we are all stronger and more successful when we have a community together!

I am an active member of a Russian speaking community of #LadiesWhoTech created by Ira Yashina and I see how strong and powerful it is! I am here to start an international community of Growth Professionals for Digital products and services.

Everyone who reads it, please, share this post, let more growth and expansion professionals see it and join our international digital growth power following the link :

Let’s grow and expand together!

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