Part 1. I owe you… an explanation.

This is my first post and it’s about my recent role change.

This is a very honest story which I am ready to share after going through the longest path of acceptance of this change and it’s all about #enjoy!

More than 2 years ago I’ve been asked by #Openprovider to create a commercial hub in #Barcelona for the company and its sales strategy as Chief Commercial Manager. I was honoured back in time and thrilled to jump on this role and start doing what i really enjoy and can: (re-)creating from scratch (or almost from scratch) teams, sales strategies and processes, leading them and bringing company growth.

I was liking the idea of being able to have an empty canvass and start leaving my fingerprints on it! I was liking it so much that I didn’t realize and see when “Liking” part was still there but “Enjoy” part has gone. I haven’t seen it for many reasons: my constant desire to grow, create, investigate, try new things and have everything DONE ON TIME from one side, and all the changes due to #Covid19 such as lockdowns with the 3 year old kid, then a newly born baby (my two main and beautiful achievements in this life, by the way), all the external and emotional pressure of limitations and constant concern for the dear ones those who passed Covid and those who haven’t from another side… all of it made me not see that my desire and actions to have everything still done was not giving me a space for creation, freedom and analysing, the parts i enjoy the most.

Luckily, my managers saw that I am not living one of our core values: Enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy and asked me to think about it. My first thoughts after that message were that I failed… I failed as a Manager and this thought was impossible to accept because looking back I was seeing what a big job I have done. Neither was I seeing that it was not about failure, it was again about enjoying!

This is when I started personal coach sessions with Jasper Vreugdenhil and started to do what I needed to do way way earlier: Stop to Think! Reflect on how I feel! and (most importantly) ASK MYSELF what and if I enjoy!

This is when i saw that i am a strong leader and a creator! I need an environment to create and not to do every day the same thing, to lead teams and not to manage 25 people, to have interesting discussions about business, come up with ideas, find creative solutions and find the ways how to execute them, to be surrounded by self-organized and self-managed team mates… THIS is what i ENJOY. THIS is what makes me happy at work and people around me (including clients).

But I couldn’t see that back in time because when you are put in a situation due to Covid19 (as many of new parents faced) that your maternity or paternity leave ends with the only new thing in your life that you have to start working from home full time from the day X and still have the smally around you, when you are running to finalize with the team 16 Rocks in one quarter, you look like a racer who just runs and cannot stop to look back. There was not time to stop. But it was so important to do!

My managers saw that for me continuing on the role i was liking but not enjoying did not make any sense anymore and taking into account short and long term strategy (company’s and personal), I could bring much more benefit to the company to start from scratch the #Growth Division as I did 2 years ago with the commercial department, which is the reason I am writing this.

Before i jump into it i want to address ALL #WFH mothers and fathers, who had to start to manage suddenly kids and work at the same time from the same space… take a deep breath! Stop! Stop to ask and think:

  • if you are having a quality life at home with your family and at work with your mates…
  • if you are enjoying how your life looks like…
  • If you are growing at what you are doing…

Don’t be afraid of a change! Change of a role. Change of a team. Change of a company! Change is what makes us all grow but we simply don’t see this many times due to daily routines and business because we simply organized ourself this way… and this is okay until it’s not permanent!

This is where support from your closed ones at home and at work is important! And I am so grateful to have my husband David Goday by my side and be always constructive and honest in everything he says. But remember, no one will do the whole job for you! All the work on reflection, thinking, accepting yourself and and learning who you are and what are your strengths and weaknesses … all of it you should do by yourself! This is the only way how you will GROW and have a better quality personal and professional life!

As a result of my change:

  • I managed to take normal first vacation for 3 weeks. It’s for the first time in the last years I am taking such a long vacation, even though a vacation with the 2 small kids it’s a challenging one, those who know what i mean will understand me 😉
  • I am back to my favourite project ! We will do so many great things in the following months! It will be moving slower, but in the right direction!
  • I am back to normal evenings with the family!
  • I am ENJOYING investigation and research on the new markets and new ways of growth of the product in those markets!

You can read the second part of this story in the next post: Part 2. Embrace the change.

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